Will You Survive America's Fall

End-Time Prophecies/Dreams America in Prophecy

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About Program

At the age of 19 Doug Metzger had a very radical salvation and immediately saw visions. He was show 12 cities that would  be hit by suitcase nuclear devices and he saw what happened afterward. This is probably the second snake bite shown to M. Boldea. He was show what will happen when America falls and how many will give up and die. He was shown how many who are saved now will fall away due to no depth  of root in the LORD. Very good! Doug was shown unspeakable torment is coming to turn America back to God.


  • America the Fallen Tree 
  • 10 to 1 Dollar Devaluation 
  • Dollar Becomes Worthless 
  • Vision of Nuclear Missile 
  • Visions of the End of America 
  • The Great Betrayal