The Beast Behind OKC, Fall of USA and the Rise of the NWO


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About Program

God speaks through judgment. Because the evil groups behind OKC and 911 were not stopped we will get the Fall of America and Rise of the Beast. Harmon will speak about the technology behind the Murrah Bombing, 9/11 and how it will be used in the Fall of America and the Rise of the Beast system. Because you didn’t get the whole truth of the Murrah Bombing and 9/11 massacres today you walk in fear of your government. Harmon will give you the scary truth, which will give you new hope for the future. 

•  God’s Four Judgments
•  The Beast of Revelation
•  Directed Free Energy Justification
•  The Murrah Bombing and 9/11 Connections
•  The U.S. Is NOT Under a Constitution
•  The Shocking Truth

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