Revelation Verse by Verse

Bible Prophecy

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About Program

Stan Johnson takes you through a journey through Revelation, perhaps like you've never seen before.  Using 612 slides, 212 pictures, and 10 charts he paints a picture of one of the most important books of the Bible.  


  • What is the message of the seven Churches? 
  • Who are the four horsemen?
  • Is Revelation layered or sequential? 
  • What is a probable time for the Tribulation to begin?
  • What does “is fallen, is fallen” mean? 
  • What does is look like the day Jesus returns?
  • Who is the “Woman who rides the Beast?” 
  • Who is the false prophet?
  • When do we get our mansions? 
  • Are there one or two judgments upon America?
  • Who are the Beasts from the Sea; the Earth and the Pit?

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