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About Program

Bree  holds  two  doctorates;  has  prayer  walked  in  40  countries  spanning  6  continents;  rescued  and  led  60,000 Pygmies to Jesus; Author of 8 books and 8 DVDs. People began to notice that pictures or videos taken when Bree is with the Pygmies had a cloud directly above Bree. We believe it is the glory of God providing protection. As the mist fell on the man and blinded him in Acts 13 this is the mist of God protecting and guiding her. Bree will inspire and teach you how to get the presence of God to be with you in times of trouble.

•  Bree shows in scripture how the glory operates. 
•  Demonstrates how to release the glory.
•  Walking in the glory—standing in the glory.   
•  How to overcome attacks of the enemy with the glory.
•  How to overcome Ebola, epidemics, trials and tribulations with the glory