How to Be Healed by the Lord

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About Program

This video will build your faith to probably the highest point in your life, making healing more possible than ever! Therman says if you follow his instructions, you will be healed. 

Pastor Therman Scrivner’s healing ministry began when the LORD spoke audibly to him for the first time in 1977. GOD had been teaching him about healing; what caused illness and how to get healed. He has heard the audible voice of GOD over 30 times in his life. An automobile accident on October 13, 2001 thrust him into full-time ministry, due to the deaths of his wife and daughter and the near-death of his granddaughter. When he was in Cook’s Medical Center with his 3-year old granddaughter, who was deathly injured, he prayed for her and eight other terminal children in ICU. They were all healed!