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Hell in a Box

“I woke up expecting life to continue. But that day, I accidentally drank contaminated water at a construction site. I spent days in extreme pain losing body fluids so fast that I went into shock and died!  I was a militant atheist and discovered life after taking my last breath. I was propelled to face the governor of the universe of whom I had denied even existed. Suddenly, I was facing judgment and was sent to a place that makes your worst nightmares seem tame. Trapped inside a 10’ x 10’ cube, a cell, with demons around giving the illusions of people and places I had known, separated from love, hope, joy, peace of God forever. I was reaping what I had sown in life.

Heat so hot, screams so loud, I was all alone and lost in my own worst night terror that I couldn’t wake up from that which exposed me for who and what I really was. Darkness, gloom, living in scenes where I relived forever as the victim of my own betrayal, wounds, rejections, of friends, family, God… Lost forever never to return…it only got worse with each passing moment. No friends, no hope, truly lost, it was just me and the demons, isolation, my own sinful life provided the avenues of torment: My worst fears came to pass, forever and ever!” 

From Hell to Heaven


  • Life After Hell
  • The PTSD Of Hell
  • Translated To Heaven
  • Matches  with Scripture
  • Jesus: The Son Of Man
  • Land Of “Liquid Love”
  • Field Of Reunion/Reconciliation
  • Know Everything In Heaven
  • The Grand Estates
  • The River Of Life
  • Glowing For Three Days