Experiences with Dumitru Duduman


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About Program

Stan Johnson first met Dumitru Duduman in March of 1988.  He has been on four speaking tours with him, about 45 days.  Dumitru visited Stan at his house twice and Stan went to his house once.

In January 1996 Stan and The Prophecy Club hosted Dumitru to put his testimony on DVD. To date, Dumitru Duduman's DVD "Wake Up America" is the most popular DVD The Prophecy Club has ever produced. 

Stan is called  to continue to carry the warning given to Dumitru Duduman.  Stan has studied Bible Prophecy for 40 years, has been teaching it for 35 years and has made 32 DVDs concerning Bible Prophecy.  He is the founder of The Prophecy Club and has hosted speaking tours for over 160 guest speakers over the last 23 years.  These 160 speakers have made over 335 DVDs on Bible Prophecy.